Most athletes who take baseball or softball lessons are chasing a goal – to get on base, make an All Star or travel team, start as a Varsity player, add velocity or have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

Not only are 5 Tool instructors highly qualified but most have also engaged in many years of lessons as either an athlete or as a parent. We understand that lessons require an investment of both time and money. So if you are making the investment in lessons, we want to ensure you are getting the most out of them.

The answer isn’t complicated – you practice. As a child who took piano lessons, my mother set the egg timer on top of the piano every day and I was not allowed to leave until it went off. Athletics also require repetition to develop both skill and muscle memory. Every instructor is happy to provide drills that you can do at home – and will be even more delighted if you take a few minutes every day to do them! You will make greater progress and develop your game much faster if you do this.

While 5 Tool offers cage rentals and memberships to practice drills between lessons, we recognize this may not always be practical. Instructors will provide you will drills you can do at home – perhaps with a tennis ball or in front of a mirror since hitting off the tee in your living room likely is not a good idea.

5 Tool has nearly 20 highly qualified instructors, offering lessons 7 days week. Lessons are available in hitting, fielding, pitching and catching in both group and private lesson formats. All instructors have played or coached at the Division 1 college level or have been successfully training athletes for more than 15 years, many of whom have gone on to play successful D1 careers.

To schedule private lessons email or call 765.730.4426.

Our goal is to help every athlete achieve their dreams both on and off the field. We hope to see you to develop your game at 5 Tool!