As part of the expanded Athletic Performance Training program offered by Munciana and 5 Tool, we are providing teams of all sports a free training session. During the training session, athletes will have the opportunity to learn exercises and drills they can repeat at home to improve their athletic performance as well as have a better understanding of the benefits of athletic performance training.

Free team sessions can be either 15 or 30 minutes in length and occur at your convenience during a scheduled team practice. If your team already practices at 5 Tool, we will provide the training during your field time but if not, our expert instructors can come to you. Teams of all sports with athletes ages 9-18 are eligible, including school teams.

If you are a parent, please feel free to forward this offer to your child’s coach.

We want athletes of all sports to have the opportunity to engage in athletic performance training. Athletes across the country have incorporated this type of training into their routine and are reaping the benefits of increased athletic movement, core strength, balance and confidence as well as reducing their risk of injury.

Call 765.759.9310 or email us to schedule your free team training session.

We look forward to working out with your team soon!