Today marks 5 Tool Academy’s first anniversary. We are grateful for your enthusiasm, support and validation of a crazy idea we hoped would work. Over the past year, we’ve truly enjoyed getting to know you, seeing your game improve and hearing about your success at the diamonds.

In addition to the stats and victories, something special has been started. We feel like this is becoming a community – a place where parents and kids can work out together, friendships are formed, and you can “shoot the breeze” about the game. We are truly grateful to be part of watching parents invest time with their children. Grateful for older students reaching out for younger ones to offer encouragement and advice. And grateful that you know this is a place where you can talk about the game all night long – which is why we’ve asked you to turn out the lights when you are done a few times.

As we head into our second year, expansion plans are already underway. While we are still working out the programming details, we will be open after school beginning January 5. Our instruction roster continues to grow. We will offer tournaments, instruction and practice space at Stephenson Park beginning next spring. It’s been a great first year but we are just getting started!

5 Tool is a place for people who truly love softball and baseball. A place to train. A place to get better. A place to connect with others who are chasing the same dream. Thank YOU for making it possible.

We look forward to many more years of chasing dreams, making plays and developing a love for the game. Thanks for being on this journey with us.