Most athletic endeavors involve a series of plays that last less than 10 seconds each. As a result, speed and agility can be a key factor in both individual and team success.

Designed to improve quickness, agility, strength and coordination, Speed and Agility Training incorporates several different types of exercise including:

Weight Training

  -Jumps – on or over boxes of different heights
  -Hops – stationary or over hurdles or cones
  -Skips – for both short and long distances

The entire workout uses the concept of interval training. We will examine the benefits of interval training more thoroughly in a future article, but research shows that mixing high and low intensity exercise with short rest periods provides maximum benefit.

An individual’s speed strength is measured by how much power can be applied at fast speeds. It is impacted by the starting strength as well as explosive strength which is the ability keep muscle fiber active for an extended period of time. Like most athletic skills, speed strength can be improved with consistent training over a period of time.

5 Tool Academy is pleased to offer speed and agility training under the direction of Marq Moran. Working with a qualified trainer can help athletes ensure they are using proper form to gain the maximum benefit while also preventing injury.

Group lessons are offered on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Team workouts also are available by appointment. Cost is $20 per person for group classes and $120 for a one hour team workout. Call 765.759.9310, visit in the scheduling area or email to sign up or learn more.