UPDATE: The position has been filled for spring/summer 2024 but applications will open in June for Fall 2024.


5 Tool Academy is offering a Sports Media Internship to support and further grow our established training facility and tournament company. With over a decade of experience, 5 Tool’s team includes 20 highly experienced baseball and softball instructors who offer expert training. We also direct baseball/softball tournaments and related events. Our total foot traffic is approximately 40,000 people annually.

Duties Include:

  • Action photography and videography of tournaments, camps, clinics, and other special events.
  • Promotional photography and videography are to be used on social media posts, blog posts, and the company Website (5tool.net).
  • Edit all images and footage and post them when appropriate (for example, to SmugMug for action photography).
  • Create and post social media, blog posts, and website updates to promote events, tournaments, training, and the 5 Tool organization.
  • Collaborating with instructors to create informational videos/posts.
  • Collaborating with sponsors to create promotional and informational posts.
  • All duties outside of photography/videography can be performed remotely and on a flexible schedule.



  • Intern will receive 50% of net revenue from all action photography sold on SmugMug. If applicable, you will receive a 1099 form for this income.


Additional Information

  • 5 Tool will collaborate with you to ensure all requirements are completed for college credit if desired.
  • A marketing executive with 20+ years of experience and a passion for mentoring and talent development will supervise you.
  • This is a new position, so you will have significant input on developing best practices and the scope of your duties. Your skills and areas of interest will partly shape this experience.


To apply, email a resume and photo or video samples to: htaylor@5tool.net.