COVID-19 Indoor Facility Safety Procedures
In an effort to keep athletes and instructors safe, the following procedures are being implemented:
  • All staff will have their temperature checked prior to their first lesson each day
  • All staff and athletes will be required to wash their hands upon arrival, use hand sanitizer between lessons and wash their hands before leaving.
  • Staff will be required to wear face coverings and it is recommended for athletes.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own bucket of balls if possible.
  • Athletes will be required to place a credit or debit card on file to enable contactless payments.
  • Parents will be asked to drop off/pick up athletes and not enter the building.
  • Strict social distancing will be maintained between instructor and athlete so lesson plans may be modified slightly to accommodate.
  • Walk-in cage rentals will not be accepted – all cage rentals, including members, must be scheduled. Members can expect a separate email this week with additional updates on how to book additional sessions each week.
  • To ensure strict social distancing, only individual lessons or cage rentals will be accepted before June 14. Indoor team practices will be accepted beginning June 15.
COVID-19 Tournament Safety Procedures
General Guidelines
  • Spectators who are over 65 or otherwise medically vulnerable are encouraged not to attend.
  • To ensure compliance with the 250-person limit in the park, each team will be allowed 23 people inside the park boundaries. This includes athletes, coaches and spectators. Additional spectators will be allowed along the outfield field, just beyond the complex boundaries.
  • Bleachers will be closed. Spectators should bring their own chairs and socially distance between households.
  • Hand Sanitizer dispensers are available in each dugout and throughout the park.
  • Dugouts will be sanitized between games and restrooms cleaned throughout the day.
  • Markers have been installed to ensure social distancing in the concession stand lines. All concession staff will be required to wear mask and gloves.
  • Gum and sunflower seeds will not be allowed in the park.
  • Face coverings are recommended when in the complex. Players and umpires are not expected to wear during games.
  • Please be certain to place all trash in provided receptacles.
  • All field crew members and umpires will have their temperature checked at the beginning of each day. Field crew will wear face coverings.
  • Please report any concerns or areas that need attention to the onsite 5 Tool tournament director.

Player Guidelines/In-game Guidelines

  • All players temperatures should be verified by coaches before entering parks.
  • All players, coaches and umpires are required to use hand sanitizer before and after each game.
  • Field gates have been removed to eliminate a high-touch point of contact.
  • Dugouts have been moved to the bullpens to encourage social distancing.
  • Players, coaches and umpires should socially distance when the ball is not in play. This includes not having players “huddle up” before and after the game.
  • Players, coaches and umpires shall not participate in any hand shaking, hugging, high fiving or other physical contact. We will temporarily suspend post-game handshakes between teams.
  • Teams should not exchange line-up cards. Game Changer is highly recommended but texting the opposing coach your lineup prior to the start of the game also is acceptable.
  • Coaches do NOT need to register each player online but should provide your roster/lineup card to 5 Tool by email at
  • Players may not share equipment such as bats, gloves, helmets, and hats.
  • All teams must clean dugouts before leaving their games, ensuring all trash in placed in the provided receptable.
  • If a player/coach conference is needed, then that conference is between player/coach only.
  • Umpires will social distance themselves as much as possible when behind the plate.
  • During pre-game only one coach at the plate from each team, along with the plate umpire with all using social distancing the best they can. No handshakes.