Choosing a name for a business isn’t easy. We considered hundreds of names. So why 5 Tool Academy? And what the heck is a 5 tool player anyway?

A 5 tool player is a softball or baseball player who excels at:
• Hitting for power
• Hitting for average
• Fielding ability
• Throwing ability
• Speed

Our goal is to develop well-rounded players who dominate at all aspects of the game. Athletes who become 5 tool players.

From past experience, we understand it is harder to work on your batting technique when you’re cold. You can’t accomplish as much fielding practice in a gym. And you certainly can’t get much done in the rain! 5 Tool Academy exists to provide indoor, heated workout space for athletes to work on their game year-round.

And as any serious athlete knows, developing your game requires expert instruction, practice and dedication. Thus, the Academy in the name. This is a place to learn, grow and become a 5 tool athlete.

We hope you will join us!