I’m at a cross roads in my life. I’m at the stage where men often buy red convertibles. But instead of having a mid-life crisis, I decided to pursue a dream.

I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. The sound of the ball hitting the bat in the sweet spot. The feel of the ball in my hand. Heck, I even love the smell of baseball. I played all the time as a kid and dreamed of playing in the major leagues. While I had the opportunity to play for University of South Carolina, I never got baseball out of my system. Some of us just never grow up.

I still love this game. Not for hype, the stars or even the stats. But the purity of the game. The strategy. The nuances. The fact that there isn’t a clock – the other team has to earn 27 outs.

As my own son began to play, I discovered how much I love not only playing but also teaching baseball. My hope is that I can pass on this same passion for the game to be played the right way.

So I’m launching my dream of opening a baseball and softball training facility. A place where athletes can train year-round and develop not only their skills but also their character. 5 Tool Academy is dedicated to providing excellent instruction in a positive environment.

I hope many of you will choose to join us on this journey of developing 5 tool players.