Softball Tryout Combine

Date(s) - 07/20/2024
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

5 Tool Hosts Try Out Combine

5 Tool is hosting its Second Annual Softball Try Out Combine on July 20!

What is a try out combine?
Just like the NFL combine, 5 Tool is bringing together multiple organizations and prospective athletes to a single event. The event will be hosted at the Yorktown Sport Park. Each age division will have a designated time to work out with the 5 Tool team.

Why would I attend?
The event will be run by 5 Tool instructors and staff, allowing organizations and coaches to focus on athletes and their families instead of the logistics of running a try-out. It also is our intention that you will have the opportunity to reach a greater number of athletes to discuss your team openings.

Athletes will have the opportunity to try out for multiple teams at a single event. We’ve driven kids all over the state the entire month of July to attend numerous try outs. It is a stressful, time-consuming and an all-around miserable experience. Our goal is to eliminate the stress and chaos by interacting with numerous organizations at a single try out.

What can I expect?
Athletes and parents can expect an impartial try out experience with 5 Tool’s expert instructors and staff running the event and their only focus will be on providing a well-run experience. We will provide all coaches in your age division with every athlete’s name and parents’ contact information. As we go through the registration process, we will post which organizations have committed to attending.

Organizations and coaches can expect an event where they can focus on athletes and their families while the 5 Tool team runs the try out. All coaches will receive every athlete’s name and parents’ contact information for everyone in their age division’s try out.

Registration Information – Coaches
While the event is free to organizations and coaches, we all coaches are required to register. If organizations are sending a single coach to attend multiple age divisions, please register for each age they will be attending. Use the links below to register:


Registration Information – Athletes
Registration cost is $15. Each athlete will be assigned a number so coaches can easily identify each athlete on their contact sheet. Use the links below:


We look forward to disrupting the tryout experience with you to create something dramatically better for athletes, families and organizations!